My approach is thoroughly client led. It is difficult to describe the exact results you will receive from our work. We definitely use observable, measurable behaviors to track progress, but you decide what measures hold meaning! I help to hold you accountable to yourself with lightheartedness and clarity.

Typically my clients uncover obstacles, increase leadership capacity, and feel freed up to reach new levels in work and life. This may look like modulating time consuming (aka “bad”) habits. Or a client might find that they are ready to take a risk and start something beyond their previous self-assessment of capacity. Whatever my clients bring to the table, we look together behind the walls and around the corners for gifts and opportunities and forge new possibilities. I am devoted to you experiencing sustainable and amazing results in the direction of your passion and valuableness!

Here are some comments from individual clients:

“Most elite professionals have a commitment to excellence, and to continual growth and improvement. Look at successful and happy adults, and it is likely they have a team working with them, coaches and advisers to help them grow and excel.

Working with Heather Flanagan has been one of the best decisions of my life. Her extended coaching sessions provide the time to delve deeper into issues needing development, while the turbo coaching sessions are an energy-charged, fast-paced reflection that both ground and inspire me. 

Heather has helped me work through some profound grief, and now I have the opportunity to work with her at a time when I feel healthy and happy. No matter what stage of career, life, or transition, Heather will skillfully guide you to a greater version of you!”

Whitney Meissner, EdD
La Conner School District


“If you are like me, and suffer from putting off important projects and difficult conversations, then you need to work with Heather Flanagan. Because of my work with Heather, I now follow simple steps that get me to begin projects and keep them on track. These very same steps work to prepare me for, and have, difficult conversations.

If you’re asking, as I did, ‘What if I procrastinate doing the first steps?’ This was not a problem for me. There are two reasons for this. First, the initial steps are very simple and easy to do. It is very motivating knowing that these simple and easy steps will lead to the goal I am seeking. Second, Heather’s skills and engaging personality make it fun to work with her. Enjoying working with Heather transfers to using her program!

Give Heather a call. Don’t procrastinate talking with her, and you’ll find your procrastination wilting away.”

John W. Dienhart, PhD
Boeing Frank Shrontz Endowed Chair for Professional Ethics
Professor Emeritus
College of Business and Economics
Seattle University


“You can trust Heather Flanagan to give you an new, empowering perspective on your own personal puzzles, and what’s more she’ll give you actionable next steps that produce tangible results. 

I showed up to our first session feeling boxed in, with a tangle of ideas about the next phase of my career. I had no clear sense of how to synthesize those ideas into a coherent whole.  I met with Heather for several coaching sessions, and in that time I gained clarity, peace of mind, and a solid sense of the next steps I will take. Heather has a focused, authentic, playful way of listening that fostered a sense of agency in me. Her observations and insights found strengths in things I was seeing as negative; she identified value in traits and skills that I had discounted long ago, or had never even recognized. Using a semi-structured discussion format, Heather applied her down-to-earth approach to draw out information and ideas I hadn’t realized were important to my discernment process. Now I know what my next steps are, and I’m confident that I’m headed in the right direction. The insights and direction I gained are so worth the price of admission! Thank you, Heather!”

Kate Nack
Freelance Writer
Seattle, Washington


“I have found Heather’s coaching strategies invaluable during my recent career search. By working with Heather, I have come to discover and enhance certain leadership skills that I had previously undervalued in myself. By gaining confidence in these areas through Heather’s positive coaching structure and techniques, I have been successful in identifying roles that are better suited to my personal goals and strengths. Heather is incredibly intuitive, and has a gift in understanding her client’s goals then goes further to interpret and unlock those innate qualities to help us achieve our objectives. My expectations were exceeded when working with Heather and I am delighted to see how much immediate benefit I received from her professional coaching services. Not only am I a better candidate because of her coaching, I now have a clearer vision for success which guides and sustains me.”

Christi Medlyn, MBA
Guest Services Operations Director
Seattle, Washington