Heather Flanagan, MBA


Everything I aim to do with my work and within my relationships centers around a core belief in the inherent potential and worth of all individuals. Further, I believe that change is not only possible but urgently needed. We can create a major shift in our culture by each of us taking many small steps to live a more honest and empowered life. How else? No one is going to do it for us. No political party is going to legislate the world into becoming what you wish to see. It has become painfully obvious that it is up to individuals within families, communities, organizations, and corporations to live and lead with greater intention and fierce commitment.

I see people experiencing anger, frustration, and hopelessness about the condition of the world today. It can feel like we’ve taken a huge step back with no one to lead the way forward. But this is absolutely not the time to throw up our hands in defeat. There has never been a more critical time to show up bigger and better than ever before! Show up for yourself and for every soul you touch! Show up for those whom you lead for they are looking to you for inspiration. Show up for those whose voices are muffled from years of subtle and blatant injustice. Show up for the generations to come who will thrive in a global culture where¬† the intention to deepen understanding is at the center of every relationship whether it be in the corporate world or between neighbors.

Infinite small steps hold the essential key to unlocking the welcoming and wise world we want to see! I am fully committed to being a stand for our creating a healthy and just global community. Your first Action Step is to open yourself to the possibility. From there the pathway consists of several tiny and quite manageable steps.

Come along! Here we go! I promise it will be fun!

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Your time has come!

Do you feel like you are awakening from a fog? Are you ready to reengage with your team and your life? New beginnings can be exciting – and scary. We feel the most comfortable when we know what the right choice is or exactly how to do something. But we grow more when we leave our comfort zone and create the space for what we really want to do and whom we really want to become. Inertia has had its fun; it’s your turn to stand up and take charge.

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